Is chorizo made from lymph nodes?-quick guide

Chorizo is made from different parts of a pig and this raises the question whether it is made from lymph nodes or not. It is important to know the exact meat that is used to make the specific sausage we want to eat. This will help us understand the reason why that meat was used and not any other.

So is chorizo made from lymph nodes?

Chorizo is made from lymph nodes though not all chorizo is made from lymph nodes. The ingredients used for making chorizo depend on where you are buying it from. It is majorly used from pork and the specific meat part used to make chorizo differs.

There are so many parties making chorizo for commercial purposes. Most chorizo making people are known to make chorizo using lymph nodes. This has made many believe that chorizo is made from lymph nodes only. This article will show the characteristics of chorizo made from lymph nodes.

Characteristics of chorizo

is chorizo made from lymph nodes

Chorizo is sausage that is made from pork meat that is chopped and pork is stuffed into a natural gut after it is seasoned with garlic and paprika. Paprika is responsible for giving chorizo its red color. Chorizo is made with different parts of pork and other meat. It has the following characteristics;

i) Chorizo is mostly made of pork.

It is made with pork. The preference of the specific part of pork to use depends on the needs of the consumer. Some people make chorizo using lymph nodes that are ground or chopped.

ii) Chorizo is spicy

The spices used in making chorizo vary with the specific region of origin. Chorizo from Mexico is usually spiced with Chile pepper and vinegar. The pepper gives chorizo the red color. Chorizo from Spanish is seasoned with garlic and paprika, the red color of chorizo is obtained from paprika.

iii) It is red.

Despite the fact that it is made from red meat, it is also added some spices so that it becomes red. These spices include paprika used when making Spanish chorizo and Chile pepper used when making Mexican chorizo.

Reasons for making chorizo with lymph nodes

a) It is a very unique chorizo

Many people do not make their chorizo using lymph. This means that those making their chorizo using lymph nodes have no stiff competition in the market.

b) It is cheap to make

The fact that many people do not use lymph nodes to make chorizo reduces the demand for lymph nodes. Reduced demand reduces competition which makes lymph nodes very cheap.

c) The need to utilize all the meat.

Some people buy a whole pig to make chorizo as their source of income. They tend to utilize all the pork and end up making chorizo with lymph nodes and all the other meat.

d) Government policy

The government may pass a law that forces all the people making chorizo to use lymph nodes and they have to abide by that law.

e) Preferences

Some people may just be interested in consuming chorizo that is made using lymph nodes and nothing will stop them from making chorizo using lymph nodes.

f) Lymph nodes is among the ingredients

Lymph nodes and salivary glands are some ingredients that are used when making chorizo. They add to the flavor of the chorizo.

g) It is easy to make.

Chorizo made using lymph nodes is easy to make.

h) Popularity

The sweetest chorizo sausage is made from salivary glands and lymph nodes. It is liked by many people and sometimes is listed on the label.

Pros of chorizo made with lymph nodes.

I) The chorizo is rich in proteins. Proteins in the body help in; keeping the tissue strong, maintain the hormone balance of the body, and generally boosts the immune system.

II) It is rich in selenium and zinc

These minerals help in the formation of thyroid hormone in the body.

III) Supplies the body with choline and vitamin B-12

Choline helps in fat metabolism and making fatty acids that assist in developing healthy cell membranes. Vitamin B-12 facilitates the supply of oxygen to the body and it also supports the communication of nerves.

Cons of chorizo made using lymph nodes

1.     This chorizo contains more fats that accumulate in the arteries and harden them.

2.     Chorizo is processed meat which is forbidden as it is not healthy to the body.

3.     Chorizo has a high amount of calorie, fats, and sodium food with low carbon.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: How long does chorizo take after preparation?


If the chorizo made is cured fully, it can last for about a week depending on the temperature conditions of the place.

Question 2: Must chorizo be cooked before it is eaten?


Chorizo that is cured and is dry can be eaten without cooking.


Chorizo is made with different parts of pork. Lymph nodes are spices used to make chorizo. It is easy for people to think that chorizo sausage must be made using lymph nodes. The meat used to make chorizo depends on the specific person’s interest.

It is recommended for each and every person that is interested in eating chorizo to identify the type of meat so as to meet the needs of your clients. If it is for personal consumption then it is important also to have a rough knowledge about chorizo.

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