Longaniza vs Linguica-differences and similarities

Spain and Portugal are the best Iberian Peninsula countries that make pork sausages. These two countries make versions of pork sausages that are almost similar at a glance but have notable differences. Longaniza is the pork sausage that is made in Spain while Linguica is the pork sausage that is made in Portugal. Choosing the best between Longaniza and Linguica may be very challenging.

So what is the difference between Longaniza and Linguica?

Longaniza is a Spanish sausage that is dark red in color, it is made with pork and stuffed in intestinal casing. Its spices include nutmeg, cinnamon, aniseed, garlic, paprika and vinegar. Linguica is a Portuguese sausage that is made from pork and is stuffed in natural casing. Its spices include salt, garlic and vinegar. It is usually cured or smoked hence it has a smoky flavor.

This article briefly talks about Longaniza and Linguica in terms of their country of origin, similarities and differences. It will help the reader have an understanding of the two sausages and will have better chances in choosing the best between Longaniza and Linguica. It describes how both sausages are made and includes their respective ingredients.

Comparison table

The table below shows how these two sausages compare.

Has a Spanish originHas a Portuguese origin
Mostly cooked when freshMostly cured or smoked
Can be spicy depending on the regionUsually milder
Cooked using many spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, aniseed, garlic, paprika and vinegarPrepared using fewer spices such as salt, garlic and vinegar
Traditionally made from pork and stuffed in a casing.Traditionally made from pork and stuffed in a casing.
Mostly used in sandwiches and appetizer dishes.Its traditional use is adding to pizza or Franceschini.

Differences between Longaniza and Linguica


Longaniza originates from Spain and spreads to many parts such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and other parts such as the Philippines. Linguica originates from Portugal. It is among the best dishes for Brazil and its popularity can be compared to Pepperoni in the United States.


Longaniza is cooked using many spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, aniseed, garlic, paprika and vinegar while Linguica is prepared using fewer spices such as salt, garlic and vinegar only.


Longaniza has a spicy flavor and the flavor changes depending on the country of origin. Linguica on the other hand, has a smoky and mild flavor.

Ways of use

Longaniza is mostly used in sandwiches and appetizer dishes while the traditional use for Linguica is adding to pizza and Franceschini.

Similarities between Longaniza and Linguica

In terms of origin, Longaniza and Linguica both originate from Iberian Peninsula countries (Longaniza in Spain and Linguica in Portugal).

They are both traditionally made from pork and stuffed in a casing and almost take the same shape.

Factors to consider when buying either Longaniza or Linguica

1. Allergens

Some of the ingredients used to prepare Longaniza and Linguica may have side effects on users. When buying for a friend, relative or personal consumption, choose the one whose ingredients do not have direct allergic effects to the body. For example, some people may be allergic to nuts therefore buying the sausage with no nut content will be more suitable.

2. Examination

The condition of the sausages should be examined so well. Sausages that are greyish or have a slimy coat are not good for consumption. Healthy uncooked sausages are usually pinkish and do not have a weird sour smell.

3. Cut

The cut of the sausage should be dry, smooth and with no veins at all.

4. Casing

Wrinkled cases for sausages are the most suitable because they do not contain moisture in them hence store sausages for long without going bad.

5. Ingredients

The best sausage is the one with the least number of ingredients. The shorter the list the better the sausage. Since many people do not like spicy sausages, checking the ingredients is very important.

Pros of Longaniza and Linguica

1. High in protein

Longaniza and Linguica are mostly made of meat, hence rich in protein content and provide energy to the body.

2. Rich in selenium

Selenium helps the body in fighting free radicals by creating antioxidants in the body. It is mostly present in meat which is an ingredient in sausages.

3. Rich in thiamine

Longaniza and Linguica have some thiamine content. Thiamine boosts energy by converting the food consumed.

4. Helps in boosting the intake of vitamin B-12

Taking Longaniza and Linguica will help to boost the intake of vitamin B-12 which helps in regulating the nerve function.

Cons of Longaniza and Linguica

1. The protein content in the meat used when making Longaniza is not controlled, therefore people may consume a lot of proteins which lead to disorders such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer.

2. Longaniza contains selenium. Too much selenium content may lead to distress, hair loss, and white spots on nails, fatigue and irritation.

3. High amounts of thiamine reduces the amount of albumin in urine for most people with diabetes type 2.

Frequently asked questions.

Question 1: How do I know when Longaniza is fully cooked?

Longaniza is fried for about nine to ten minutes. It should be stirred/ turned after every three or four minutes. Longaniza that is fully cooked has no traces of pink inside, and the juices are also run clear.

Question 2: How long does uncooked Longaniza last in a fridge?

Freshly made sausage will last for about a week or four months in a freezer so it can be kept for long-term storage.


Sausages are mostly consumed by almost all the people in the world. Getting the right sausage that suits the body might be very challenging. The two sausages are discussed in this article and give guidance for all people that would need a direction on purchasing and generally handling Longaniza and Linguica sausages.

Longaniza and Linguica are good sausages for consumption. Linguica is the best for those that do not require too much spicy sausage. Longaniza is best only for people that need too spicy sausages. Health wise, Linguica is the best for consumption since it is not prepared with too many spices since the spices may have some side effects.

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